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CMS65 ICT 1x2 Ceiling Monitor System

High quality ceiling monitor based around a 6.5” point source transducer

Tannoy CMS65ICT1x2 Ceiling Mount Speaker


CMS65 ICT 1x2-4

CMS65 ICT 1x2-15

CMS65 ICT 1x2-60

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TANNOY CMS65 ICT 1x2 Specifications

Sensitivity 2.83 Volts @ 1m 92dB (half space)
Impedance 4Ω
Frequency Response ±3dB 75Hz - 20kHz   -10 60Hz
Power Handling 60 Watt (average) 120 Watt (program) 240 Watt (peak)
Maximum SPL THP 15 Transformer 100dB (average)
THP 60 Transformer 106dB (average)
Low Impedance 107dB (average) 113dB (peak)
Driver Complement 1 x 165mm (6.5”) ICT™ Point Source
Dispersion 90° conical
Dimensions Can Height 194mm (7 5/8")
Baffle Diameter 328mm (12 15/16") x 605mm (23 13/16")
Baffle Diameter (23 13/16") rectangular
Enclosure 8 liters, vented
Weight CMS65 ICT 1x2-4 4.9kg (10lbs 14oz)
CMS65 ICT 1x2-15 5.4kg (11lbs 14oz)
CMS65 ICT 1x2-60 6.0kg (13lbs 2oz)
Finish White - paintable
Wattage Tap Selections THP 15 Transformer 15, 7.5, 3.75, 1.9 Watts
THP 60 Transformer 60, 30, 15, 7.5 Watts


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Retail outlets Boardrooms & Offices
Houses of worship Foreground Music & Paging Systems
Public address systems Reception / Waiting Rooms
Airports Hotels
Convention Centers Lounges and Bars
High level music and speech reinforcement Cruise ships

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